PPV Advertising - Using It With A Tight Budget (Part 2)



This post is a continuation of my series of post on how to use PPV advertising with limited budget. Today, I'm going to focus more on choosing the right PPV network that suits your budget. There are several types of pay per view traffic. Examples are the following: PPV traffic as a pop under, banner advertising, display advertising on related websites and even on mobile phones. Then, there is also this "desktop pop-under" and many more.


Internet marketing is like a mountain range with a single business having the highest peak to climb. With Internet marketing the business with the highest peak isn't necessarily the one with the most obstacles to reach the top of the range.


A local business can double their sales and dominate their market by targeting their market on the internet. If you are a local business and are not listed on the local business listings you are missing out on a massive amount of leads.